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Getting out of my creative comfort zones…


I have to admit I struggled a little to make this card look interesting. The hexagons looked a bit dull no matter how I placed them on the card. Then I thought… Why don’t I play around with the layers? I am usually someone who wants things to be straight and square. Not having the layers straight bugs me a little, but as I started tilting the white and the crumb cake layers to the left and to the right, I saw more potential to the card. I finally decided that I would tilt the white layer to the right and the crumb cake layer to the left. When I pulled out my glue stick and glued the white layer down, I realized I made a mistake! I glued the white layer down tilting it to the left! Oh no… what do I do? Can I tilt the crumb cake to the right to make it up?? No… that wouldn’t work (in my own little world anyway), it looked like the sentiment would fall out of the card anytime. Okay, calm down… let’s try tilting the crumb cake even further to the left. And yep, approved! 🙂

The hexagons are popped up at different heights using dimensional tape.