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From feminine to masculine…?

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Sometimes making a card involves such a big decision making process (in a good way)! Today’s card is a perfect example for that.

I started by cutting all my paper to the sizes, including a piece of floral patterned designer series paper and was deciding on whether I should use a polka dot ribbon or a plain ribbon. It was all about making a feminine card in fall colours (I know it’s definitely not fall weather right now, and in fact it’s been snowing in Vancouver all weekend!).



And then I thought, hmm if I do use the solid colour side of the ribbon, I can make use of this yellow twine I have to decorate the ends of the tag instead of my original plan of using regular brads to attach the tag.


At this point, I was like… I’m really not sure about the yellow twine, maybe a brad is a better idea afterall, but anyway let’s move everything from the floor to the table and start putting something together. So before I glued down the layers, guess what I did? I flipped to the other side of the designer series paper, and…


I realized that I actually like this side more. Thanks Janice for your suggestion! I do agree this side is less busy, and gives a cleaner look to the card overall. So the decision was made, and of course the brads fall into the right place. I am happy with the final result 🙂  Now I would like to hear what you think!



Author: Karen Ngan

To share my love of papercrafting along with my mom's passion for making sock animals.

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