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Sock animals say hi!

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Hello everybody, finally the sock animals came out to say hi! These two buddies are the newest additions to the sock animal family.

When my mom first saw the furry striped socks, she was like “they would make perfect raccoon tails!” So there she made wonders again – two raccoons with stripy tails matching their own colours 🙂 Don’t they look like they are going to the Olympics?!

These two raccoons went in for the Christmas craft fair jury together with a few other sock buddies and some of my Stampin’ Up! cards. Of course, they all passed, so yay, we will be selling again at the Steveston Craft Fair in November.

I will keep posting pictures of the other buddies. Please stay tuned!


Author: Karen Ngan

To share my love of papercrafting along with my mom's passion for making sock animals.

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